Congrass artificial grass have been preferred in the first place due to it’s safeness for sports fields. Now, we’re stepping up by imroving our product ranges with new projects by using artificial grass for roofing and landscape gardening.

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Congrass artificial grass is suitable for indoor decorations and have a wide range of application areas.

Congrass Çim Halı
Football is now played on artificial football grass, produced by Congrass
High performance Congrass offers the best conditions for the best football game.
Siding, roofing and so much more…
Congrass artificial grass is suitable to use in any type of architectural project.

First, a base mat is laid on the field surface. Then, the Congress strips, which are specially prepared according to the field sizes, are rolled out to cover the base mat. The sides are cut for a clean look. The strips are carefully lined up close together and carefully attached to each other with an adhesive product. Remaining empty areas are filled with extra grass. Sand fill and SBR fill are completed. When applied on smooth surfaces with a strong base, artificial grass lawns are suitable for long-term use.

Proper Application
Long-Term Use


No 4 stone chips are applied on top of the squeezed surface, as thick as 15 cm. Stone chip layer is topped with another 10 cm, No 1 stone chips. The area is squeezed one again, using straightedge. Then, the surface is covered with a synthetic mat. Artificial lawn is applied on top of the synthetic mat. The artificial lawn should be covered with SBR grains; the grains should be spread equally.

Sandblasting is a must for the area where the artificial lawn is applied. The sand should be sifted and purified from salts. Coarse sand creates a slippery surface which cause injuries.

Congrass synthetic turf provides high quality. It has a perforated base and drains water easily. It doesn’t stay damp. It creates a less slippery surface and prevents injuries.


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